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Epic Adventures - ARPG


Tired of the traditional RPG?  Epic Adventures was designed to be an action packed adventure!  Your character is designed to be a hero!  You are more powerful than the rest of the world and it is up to you to prove you are worth the power bestowed upon you! 


Players Handbook: EAP01

Game Masters Tome: EAG01

Kathors Reign - Book.


Join Greno on the adventure of his life as he negotiates his way through the complex world of Parth.  In his way is the alligence of the Rauctorn and the evil empire of Kathor led by the mighty black queen.  Will Greno make it all the way saving his life and the future of Parth?


Coming in 2017

RDC - Software.


Random Dungeon Creator is the top shelf as far as dungeon generating software is concerned.  Plugin based architecture allows you to expand current functionality by connecting to the community.  Create management and story management makes this random generating dungeon the best on the market.


Coming in 2017

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