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Nebula Studio is a tool used to manage various games addons.  From this platform you can develop extensions to help you expand many different types of games.  Currently the focus of the tool is RPG Maker MV.  See below for all of the features currently developed and in development.

Import / Export

Import game objects from other RPG Maker MV Projects, Excel Documents, Or JSON Files.

Optomize your game for delivery

You can trim the excess fat off of your game allowing for a smaller footprint when publishing.  Nebula Studio allows you to optomize your images, and resources with the push of a button

Expand the interface

Nebula Studio allows you to develop and import custom plugins that can expand how you manage your game.  Consider the following senario.  You have a complicated plugin that needs to manage itself in notetags across multiple objects.  With Nebula Studio you could develop a visual addon that makes managing your plugin very easy and intuitive.

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